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Mischka, a teenage girl, must escape the fictional country of Minal, a place where women's education is illegal.


Mischka: Shannon Hoffman

Princip: Dr. Charlie Scott

Mama: Dr. Laura Lomax-Bream

Lina: Catherine Moseley

Julian: Fionn Mulvey


Director/Writer/DP: Payton Daly
Assistant Director: Fionn Mulvey
Production Sound Mixer: Max Melchor
Best Boy: Jake Nolan
Gaffer: Charles Luke
Costume Designer: Liberty Stones
Production Design: Payton Daly, Shelley Daly
1st AC: Xavier Alexander, Jake Nolan
2nd AC: Jack Denechaud
Editor/Colorist: Payton Daly
Production Assistants: Harrison Goytia, Sophia Maragos, Alexander Miles, Lily Young
Sets provided by: Heidi Simon, The Pletcher Family, The Moseley Family, Andrea Young, Richard & Suzie Moeckel, Chiliboot Farms, Henry, Richard Daly
Gear provided by: Mike Marrie, Precision Camera and Video Austin, Photo Rental Source
Special Thanks to: The Stratford Highschool Film Appreciation Club, Blake Davidson, The Bellaire Fire Department, Raymond Gayle (Lamar High School), Ryan Gillentine, Pejman Milani (Episcopal High School) and last but not least, Travis Pletcher

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